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About Homeyer Consulting Services, Inc.

Homeyer Consulting Services, Inc. is a global water consulting firm. We have a multimillion dollar laboratory dedicated to testing treated water, and a structured team of field consultants who consult to over 6,500 sites worldwide. We do not sell chemicals. Rather, we are known for utilizing our industry experience, expertise, and technology to create effective programs and solutions for your water-related needs. We work for you and with you.

We are unique in the marketplace. Over the last 30 years, we have developed a company around the needs of our client base. Being the largest industrial water consulting firm has its advantages.

Our Mission

Homeyer Consulting Services, Inc. is committed to you, our customer. All of our clients share collectively in our extensive proprietary intellectual property brain trust. Our mission is to continue to invest in areas to make our services and the entire industry better at protecting your large investments.

Our Goal

Our goal is not only to conserve water, but to properly protect equipment from corrosion, deposition, and biological fouling. We strive to protect water-related systems from a useful life standpoint while also maximizing energy use.


We continue to grow each year and remain financially stable with a 3A1 D&B Rating.


With nearly thirty field consultants whose territories span the globe, the combined experience of the consulting team is well over 400 years.


We are called in to help solve very complex water treatment problems, which keeps us current and experienced.


We get national account status with major water treatment firms. This means that our clients get corporate attention, which they would not get from their water treatment supplier alone.


Not only do we have a strong relationship with the major water treatment firms and their technical support teams, but we also have strong relationships with the raw material suppliers that make the products used by the water treatment companies.

Laboratory Capabilities

We own and operate a laboratory that is specifically designed for the analysis of treated waters. Our state of the art equipment includes 2 ICP-OES, 1 ICP-MS, 13 ICs, 1 GC, 1-SEM with EDS, FT-IR, 3 automated liquid handlers, as well as a full wet lab and a photomicroscopy lab. On average, we analyze over 20,000 samples per year involving 500,000 individual tests. Qualified laboratory technicians operate this machinery six days a week in order to support our client's needs.

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